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Game Masters FAQ

I also wondering if I could get the FAQ as seems I can no longer open threw the app they said to use when I started with them years ago.I bet the top numbers have changed again perhaps?
I cannot get in using the XCIPTV app & keeps saying check server address but really like that app as easy to use.
I so thankful for this site & the mods too!
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As fate would have it I now down through two apps are no longer working so if someone could help me enter this stuff would be great.The is odd as went into setting on the xciptv app but never changed any number and now the tiva app also down but never changed a thing so weird .Help as how to enter the lines would be so great funny how we forgot so quick as we age


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Is there a new server address? Since last night I can't get past the log in page. "Login Failed. Please check server address, username, and password." Worked fine before that. Up to date on billing. Thanks in advance!


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Can I please get an FAQ? Also I case it is not in the FAQ, where would I sign up for service. I have an account but want another one for more devices. When I signed up it was a completely different site 3 years Ago. Thanks.