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Game Masters IPTV FAQ
  • What is the file linked Code?
    • 86520809
  • My App is asking for a URL what is that?
  • I have logged out and back in just like it says in #đź“°master-newsđź“° but still cant login.
    • Try clearing cache and data of your app and pressing "Refresh DNS"
  • My kodi addon isn't working.
    • Updated now Please go to install from zip and install then go back to the players klub app and update
  • I need a long url for my App or VLC.
  • A section is now missing where has it gone?
    • We are currently only supporting these channels USA CANADIAN and LATINO, alone with PPV and Sporting events.
  • Game Master used to have an EPL section where has that gone?
    • Game Master dropped EPL around a year ago because of lines getting leaked online getting us reported.
  • Where have the 24/7 channels gone? I loved them so much.
    • We are working on these channels to get them back should be in the coming weeks.
  • I can't see TV series and Movies
    • We have also dropped all of our VoD content to protect the longevity of Game Master
  • I can't pay my bill.
    • For all account issues please create a support ticket on the panel you purchased your account from.
  • I have forgotten my account details for Game Master.
    • For all account issues please create a support ticket on the panel you purchased your account from.
  • What is the EPG URL?
  • I have a MAG box, what is the URL?
  • I am using a GMaster App and my channels is only playing in the corner how do i get it in full screen?
    • Press/click the channel again
  • I used to pay with PayPal and its now not an option when will it be coming back?
    • Simple answer is, it will not be coming back PayPal's Ts&Cs will prevent us from getting anymore accounts.
  • I really want to use paypal only can i still use TPK?
    • Yes you will have to find a reseller that has a PayPal account and use them to get your service.
  • I can't see any Adult channels on my account where are they?
    • We don't add Adult to accounts right away if you wish to have access to these please create a ticket.
  • I have Adult Channels on my account but its not working how do i fix this?
    • Logout and back in again
  • I am logged in and i have paid my bill but nothing is working what do i do?
    • Please try using a VPN if you have a VPN on please try without, none of these options work please make a ticket
  • what is the Kodi repository?
  • What would I use a Reseller?
    • Most resellers let you pay via paypal.
  • Will my service be different if i choose to go with a reseller?
    • No, the price may change but the service will stay the same.
  • Why do reseller charge more than Game Master?
    • Some just charge you the PayPal fee and others more, after all its their own business.
  • Does Game Master have a Web player?
  • Why am I getting invalid login all of a sudden?
    • Your password is CASE SENSITIVE, check your password to make sure you are entering the correct upper or lower case letters.