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Games Masters IPTV


This seems to be working out. I'll hang out until 5:30 Eastern
I'm working a bit and on the phone. Keeping up with these posts is impossible. So if you trying sending ME a DM I should be able to answer you quickly.
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Looking for new info for XCIPTV for nVidia Shield. Service was working before midnight EST. Receiving login failed message after confirming u/p were correct. Any update is very much appreciated.


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Could someone send me the new URL? My service was working last night and now it's not. Seems like something changed again?


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IPTV Smarters have started blocking some IPTV companies ..
Well that is shit. They seem to have blocked GM servers

So IPTV smarters not going to be work with GM. But you can use purple and xciptv and IPTV stream player

Suprise suprise it uses the same protocol as IPTV smarters. So IPTV smarters are just doing thia because

Either they are protecting them self for some idiotic reason

Or they want more money from some IPTV companies.

Let you guys chose