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I was able to get it to work on tivimate, is there a better player? I assume that once the pay cycle is over I'll loose service? I saw you say possible to have pay portal back up? Thanks
Ok I guess I am one of the old people that everyone is talking about I am using tpkv3
I pay through gmaster but yesterday afternoon everything stopped and i was not able to sign back in did the modem thing and cache and data delete is the layers klub still operating I need your guidance please
I’m getting nowhere as well. Tried the new link and same user and password I’ve always used and still get nothing. Tried all different players also. Smarters, GSE, Perfect Player, Gmaster player and same results. Can anyone help? Did user names and passwords change?
I had it working this morning on 2tvs, now at 430pm i can't get it going on my neighbors so i would say it's dead at the moment maybe.
Please help! Is the server been change. I cant login into XCIPTV. I type my username and password correctly. But it keeps saying login or server incorrect address. Is there a new server url.
Which one of these iptv apk’s are the best I had gse working like a champ last night but today it turned to shit keeps saying server error can’t connect.
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