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Just got to Singularity a couple of days ago and it was working great and I was up and running. Now its gone sorry to say and I feel
a little sad. I was a great service sorry to see it go. edlkll
You must be poor. Chump change. Where are you from I wonder?
Why would anyone want to pay $10 more for the same service? they’re all the same it will still buffer and guaranteed if they have vod and series they will be shut down quicker, that little thing about copyrights that amazon, Netflix, and all the other crooks are suing people up and running these services for
If you google in area 51 I see there is a site up and its saying area 51 I didn't explore it to much. I am not shore if
its the same people or someone else using there name
Yes didn't think it was, looks like they sorta copied the web page that the old Area 51 used to have. I don't know anything about
the new site just saw it up there. I tried to email them and get a 24hr trial but it keeps coming up an error. Looks a little shady to me
Yep I had A C and they were a decent service and worked pretty well and I read somewhere that they had ties with A 51
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