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Singularity Media
Please read the below email in FULL.

Hello and welcome to Singularity Media.
We have taken over your account from Area 51. (NOTE: Old Area 51 Apps WILL NOT work any longer.) (Please uninstall all old APPS.)

We have sent out a previous email to your registered account email regarding these changes.
If you have not received the email then we apologize, this is the second email.

Your account remains the same and we are now looking after it for you.
This means your logins remain the same.
To find your APP Login if you forgot, please sign into the client area, click on your products/service, click the active button on your service then click IPTV Service Details, here you can check your login.

Please find everything you require below to get up and running.
Please NOTE if you have any audio issues you will need to change the player setting in our app to VLC player for Live.
At the login screen, enter your existing APP username and password. Please note that you may need to press back or escape to hide the keyboard to see the sign in button, if you simply press enter you will open settings and youll be in a loop.
(Please Choose the Singularity/Future Panel and NOT VPN.)

Downloader App:
v.4.0.3 (XCIPTV UI)
Enter the URL: http://bit.ly/sm-v403 (Please note that is a ZERO)
Filelinked Store:
Enter Code: 53672104
Fire DL:
v.4.0.3 (XCIPTV UI)
Enter Code: 499680
Direct Download:
v.4.0.3 (XCIPTV UI)
http://bit.ly/sm-v403 (Please note that is a ZERO)
Tivimate, GSE, IOS, Smarters Apps Etc Use Server Address Below:
Add a playlist using "Xtream Codes login"
Server address: http://futuresingularity.com:8080
Username: Your Username
Password: Your Password
Uncheck "Include VOD" (Tivimate)
Tip: Go to the EPG settings and change "Past days to keep EPG" to 1. This will save on data storage.
There is a known bug with version 2.8.5, so you will need to use version 2.8.0 (You can do an in place upgrade to 2.8.5 once 2.8.0 is working)

There will be a new Smarters app we will provide in the next few days, please check filelinked. (Filelinked Store: Enter Code: 53672104)

Singularity Discord link Join the singularity Discord Server!

Last but not least, please STOP posting on Reddit!
Thank you,
Singularity Media


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I don't think, read 'hope' nothing will happen next, but it would appear to me that the unnecessarily large amount of information that has been made public here in the past week has unfortunately led to the removal of the Discord.


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He means the article that was linked. It speculates as to reasons why the service changed names.


Sent in a ticket asking about the sudden discord disapperance. There reply “sorry not sure”.

maybe there just trying to keep quiet.


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Sent in a ticket asking about the sudden discord disapperance. There reply “sorry not sure”.

maybe there just trying to keep quiet.
When you send in a ticket, the disclaimer checkbox mentions :
We do not handle channel reports/questions here in our ticket system. We have a discord server for that. If you are an active member, simply request to have access to our discord server here in your ticket. Mentioning anything channel related will result in the ticket being closed without reply.​

So what happens when you need to report a channel issue? I also assume that have gotten a few charge backs because not everyone got the new info...or if they did, it came from an unknown company.

I mean, the URL changed a few times and the new discord is already down. Not off to a good start.