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It took a bit but I am finally set up the right way. If you set it with the proper box it works very well. I would recommend the sky stream pro box at 125 its a great box.
Sky stream..!!!!!! Are you trying to promote that..!!!! THAT IS FUCKING EXPENSIVE ..
I would rather go for NVIDIA Shield Same Price or the KM9 Pro ,. Same as that sky stream nonsense for half the price
First of all not promoting sky stream pro. Depending on what you want to use it for NV cost $200 US vs 124 or when on sale $104. If you are a gamer buy NV, if not buy sky stream pro. Read the specs and then tell me the difference, none. Do your own research then tell me. Even at $124 that's chump change.
Can someone tell me how to quote someone. It appears to be extremely cumbersome. Why can’t quoting be like every other forum I’m in? Never seen a quote process like this.

The discord lasted about a day. They will either go down or it will be a cat and mouse game like GameMasters. At the beginning, they were probably one of the best, but I think there are numerous companies now that are just as good or better with a similar price.

oh there we go. Thanks!

I agree. I have tried 2/3 since this game master adventure and Area51 adventure. And I find the ones I’ve tried are very similar in buffering etc. one I tried has a great EPG. Almost all channels in the US/Canada have program and description and pretty accurate. That’s important to me, personally.
I have noticed today many Area51 locals aren’t working. This wasnt the case before.

How many locals do you need? I need my area one. Maybe it's your firestick? Maybe you don't have the right equipment? Router, fast internet would help. I just checked and all mine are working. What service are you trying to promote?
I have been an Area 51 customer for years now it is gone. I just installed this singularity like a week ago and now I got this email this morning. So it is gone. Who is everyone switching to since these are gone now?


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Just got the email that Singularity (old Area51) is shutting down as of today 7-11. Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement service?
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