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That is excellent episode I go . I'll try it for a month to see how surfing the channels is and then try the year subscription 👍


Are you with Verizon or at&t if so use a vpn . And everything will be fine
I'm with Verizon , tried the url ang got " access denied " . Is there a filelink store that has the app ? . I logged in the service with my cell phone , but hard to navigate while learning the service .


New member
Hi I am getting close to time to renew. When we re-subscribe do we keep the same log in and password? Do current customers renew at same rate signed up or do we have to subscribe any new rates?


Staff member
You need to renew the day before it expires so that you can keep the same credentials and the $10 was a promotion it's $13 per month but the $13 per month is for new customers we ask our regular returning clients to subscribe to the 3 month package it's $33