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Original mag


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Original mag device is sold by one companie INFOMIR – IPTV Set Top Box manufacturer
That company refused to work with me to give more update and share to my users.

I was forced to attack them in email
And ended at a bad state between us.

I wish it didn't
But that silly company is just doesn't budge to nice customer service unless I pay 5000 euro miumum

Silly people.

I will be posting their emails between me and them here.
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I have a MAG420W1 device and I'm unable to find an iptv provider that works with this device.
I'm told that i need to get service from a provider that support ministra 5.6 or higher.

Any idea about which providers support the above serves?
Thank you


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Yes i can... that's how i tried many (about 5 or 6 different providers) have them my mac address and it says active with expiry within 1 or 2 days for trial and i get the same message:
Your STB is not supported


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MAG 420 is only supporting Ministra and no other system and this is what is preventing this powerful machine from working with %99 pf the providers, also the bootstrap to downgrade is not out yet.
well thats a bit of idiotic .. why did they make such a silly box like that