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Games Masters IPTV


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I'd like a DM of the new location. I've been a member of TPK then Gmaster for 2 years and did not get an email.
Appreciate your time and help with this request! Thanks so much.
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I used tiny url, but it just seemed like extra steps and a lot of keying and converting. Is there any benefit over simply using xtream codes login with the original username and password, which works perfectly once channels load up. Using tivimate on a fs4k and a Shield.
No benefit and sometimes causes problems, I'm told


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Husham can you please let me know how to acmes to the services again? it's not working at the moment.


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If I'd wanted recommendations for alternate viewing methods, I'd have asked.
My question was worded very succinctly, and I left little room for doubt regards the information I was seeking.
I have XCIPTV, I have Perfect Player, I have Tivimate, and a myriad of Locked APKs too - StreamCenter, LightStreams, TPK, GMX, et al et al
Unfortunately, my adult autistic son knows and likes STB

So, my unanswered question remains;
Can someone with some knowledge advise a working Portal address for GM's STB service?

Thank you
STB Emulator currently doesn't work with Game Master, Mr. Or Ms. Touchy. You didn't specify that you only needed to use that app in your question, did you? No one can get STB Emulator to work anymore with this service, so people are giving you some alternatives. If you need to use STB Emulator only, then you need to either wait for Game Master to make an appearance so you can get them to authorise your device or you need to find another service. I was also on STB before all this happened and now I can't access it. I opened a ticket with them to reauthorise but they went radio silent so I had to move on.

No one is going to help you if you speak to people like you just did, by the way.