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Games Masters IPTV


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They sent me info as easyinternet.net and server as server.easyinternet.net, but stopped working the next day. I had just paid for the next 3 months.
Search my post history. I've summarised everything in detail, most recently this morning at around 2 am.


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I posted this less than 12 hours ago, and it's a detailed summation of the current issues and the options you have, and it includes some URL's that people keep asking for. I'm reposting it because much to my dismay, I see a dozen or so requests from new users who haven't gone back and read a few days worth of posts, so because I want to help people, I'm reposting it for all, hoping it will help.

It's a bit confusing at first glance. Game Master had all of their customers signed up on one of two portals: TopDog VPN was one of them (had nothing to do with any VPN - they used that to make it look like a legitimate business to outsiders) and Mintpanel, which I guess was renamed Gmasterpanel. Game Master appears to be dropping all of their customers who were on the latter panels and allowing their TopDog VPN customers to remain, although they closed both portals down and migrated their TopDog VPN customers to their new panel, called "TopDog Today". We have no idea why they are dropping their other customers. These folks don't even have the ability to sign up as new customers in the new TopDog Today portal, as they are not accepting new customers.

And, if that isn't confusing enough, there is another company called TopDog TV (I think that's their current name). They are a rival company to Game Master, but weirdly, split from the original company, called The Players Klub. This company went dark on its customers, changed servers and portals and didn't communicate with their customers ever again, (sound familiar?) and what emerged were the two rival companies (Game Master and TopDog TV).

And just because things aren't muddled enough already, there is another company called "Player's Klub", that has nothing to do with any of these entities, past or present.

If you were a Game Master customer, and you were on their old TopDog VPN portal, you should be able to sign in and see your account, pay your bill (I believe) on their new TopDog Today portal at: Client Area - BillingPortal

But be aware, as my security app is flagging this site as malicious and possibly dangerous for attempting to fraudulently steal information. It happens every time I go to that site (picture attached).

If you were interested in checking out TopDog TV's services, you can sign up with them right here: Shopping Cart - TD billing

If you were a Gmasterpanel or Mintpanel customer with Game Master, you should find an alternative company because apparently they don't want to or cannot keep you as a customer, and it looks like you will be dropped as soon as your service is up for renewal. Game Master says they will refund any customers right away if they ask, however, I do not know how Gmasterpanel/Mintpanel customers can make that request because they don't seem to be able to log onto TopDog Today to ask for a refund.

I hope this provides some clarity to some readers. It is confusing and you should know who you are signing up with because it's pretty clear that they are all employing some tactics to possibly trick you into becoming their customers (except for a large number of loyal Game Master customers, who they are actively dumping).

EDIT: The URL's aren't active in this copy and paste, but they are in my original post on today's date at 2:05 am, so you can get them there. Not sure why they aren't active here. Maybe the BB Italics code deactivated then. I don't know.
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YYZFA, I have used streaming service for almost 2 years but just signed with GM in 1/2020. Reading your last post, am I right to say that I will be one of the members not to be allowed to stay with GM? If so then just start anew and sign up with the Shopping Cart - TD billing service streaming service?

Thanks in advance and we only really use this for live TV too! It's an incredible deal considering our Comcast bill was 225 and still not as many channels. 30-45 second delay on sporting events. Not an issue!


I know you sent the above message to me via DM, but I'm responding publicly in order to help as many people as possible and to reduce the number of times I have to respond to similar questions.

I do not work for or have any connections with Game Master. I've made my conclusions based on reading what other people are reporting on this forum and from other sources, and from my own experience with this company, but I believe it to be accurate and all evidence so far, supports them.

If you are signed up with Game Master via their TopDog portal, you should be able to access their new TopDog portal and maintain your service via their new TopDog Today portal. If you were registered via Mintpanel/Gmasterpanel, then you will not be able to renew your service, even if you do get an automated invoice. It definitely appears that they are cutting those customers loose, for reasons they have not made clear.

Unless this changes, you will need to find another provider. TopDog TV (the provider you referenced) is bit one of many options. I have not tried them, so I will not make any recommendations, but cingra2, who I think is one of the more helpful and knowledgeable posters, recently subscribed to them and he reports that he is satisfied with them. It sounds like they offer a similar service, including 24/7 channels and VOD as Game Master did until recently. So it's up to you to try them or not.

I'm on Game Master's TopDog Today portal and I pay for 4 connections on a grandfathered price, so I think I'm going to stay with them for now. The service was a bit shaky for a week or so while they were moving to the new server, but it seems to have stabilised. Still have a few of my key channels down, but I okay with that for now.
I received my invoice last night from Game master - previously MintPanel. Due to expire on the 15th. I replied to the invoice stating that I would like to pay for my service and asked if they could point me in the direction of their new payment portal. I got a reply stating they had created a support ticket with a reference number and link to their old portal stating I will be notified by email when a response had been made . I replied to that thanking them for their reply and told them the link didn't work. I got another reply this morning stating: "The website is in maintenance mode, so payments can't be made right now, but service is working follow instructions below.

Once you update your the URL in your app or to a player that supports URLs your service should be working again. Feel free to check out app recommendations in our automated reply."

It also included a new url for service that I haven't yet seen. I'm not posting it nor will I reply to any messages requesting it until I've had a chance to try it myself. This won't happen until I get home from work. I will let everyone know later if it works. I will then pass this on to the mods.

I would suggest if you get an invoice from Game master, do exactly what I did and reply to it. It appears they are working on their service, it is not gone. Like I've said in my previous posts, patience is a virtue.


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That is just CRAZY why does top dog not want any new subscribers? TPK and GM had a lot of users.
They probably don't have the resources to support all of their previous customers. They haven't accepted new customers for months at a time and this is not uncommon amongst many providers. I don't know why, but I assume they have to manage their resources. More customers require greater bandwidth, which they might not have.
I agree that it is disappointing, but you're going to have to move on. TopDog TV will give you 2 connections for $8 a month. That's only an extra 3 bucks a month. That's like a coffee. I sometimes need to remind myself of this and to get some perspective. As long as the service works and it's under $20, I'm getting a hell of a bargain. I have no idea what a premium cable package costs, but I know you get a lot more channels for a very small percentage of the cost with IPTV.
Reply to the invoice. They will get back to you with a new url. I haven't tried what they sent me yet as I'm getting ready to go to work, but will when I get home.


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So I can't log into my account anymore for gmasters/the players klub. I was using xciptv to log in before today and last night I got my automated billing for my bill on the 15 and now I can't log in. Does that mean I'm cut off?