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    Lava tv

    Why does Lava admin avoid talking about Lava. We all understand that sometimes crap happens. But to simply avoid everyone is not good.
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    Substitute for Smart IPTV

    google playstore has televizo. Here is one of the screenshots.
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    Substitute for Smart IPTV

    Televizio is one of the apps I am using. Buy the premium package, I think 5 bucks for unlimited boxes. I also use xciptv, it has a great picture.
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    EPG problems

    Go to settings, go to epg, go to sources, select source, go to time offset and adjust the issue. Your done.
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    EPG problems

    EPG normally comes with your service. Go to Play Store and download an IPTV app, such as xciptv or iptv smarters. Then input your service, usually an extreme code.
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    EPG problems

    Depending on what app you are using to watch tv, you can change the guide time by using the time offset plus or minus. It normally is in your epg settings. Try downloading. Tivimate, xcitv, iptv smarters, blink, as an app. They allow you to log in using extreme codes.
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    How effective is having more Ram?

    I have 4 different services, 7 different apps to run the services. I have at best, minimum buffering on anything. I also use 5 different models of android boxes and find that all work fine hard wired. I also use a couple of android boxes with internal as well as external antennas. This allows me...
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    Canadian channels

    I am curious as to why the Canadian channels on OTT are in a lower format. Lava Canadian channels are great. I have tried to adjust them manually, notta. It shows them as in 4.3 format through some of the players. Thanks:)
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    Help! Unable to log in to make a payment

    Can't pay the piper. Can you help an old guy out. Thanks
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    Games Masters IPTV

    It appears to be working now.
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    Altered Carbon Forum

    could you message me prices and services thanks
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