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Wicked iptv 2 and 4 connections


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Hey there we have a north american focused iptv service and more

Pm for more info or a free trial
Xtreme codes set up


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2 connections

1 month......15 cnd
3 months ....40cnd
6 months.....60cnd
12 months...100

4 connections

1 month.....$20 - cnd
3 months...$45 - cnd
6 months....$75 - cnd
12 months...$120 - cnd

Accepting crypto for payments


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Here is how we do it

Get a 4k fire stick

Down load and activate tivimate

Then we offer combo services

We sell 2 differ services with either 2 connections per service

Or 4 connections

One house hold

Pm for more info
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