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Starting from 5$ a month .. this is a good service for USA/ UK / Latinue plus Adult channels


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No VOD; No 24/7. I don't need them, but thats me. Another member was not thrilled with Telegram or ticket support. I havent checked out Telegram yet, but seems as though Ticket Support is a bit sluggish. Not as quick as GM used to be. They have most of the same channels as everyone else. For 5 bucks USD I think they make a great backup service. You can't go wrong. I just need to find a primary 2 connection provider that is similar to what GM used to be before they shafted us.
also forgot to mention that they have PPV (wrestling/UFC/Boxing stuff like that if youre into it


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I'd be interested in receiving a DM with this info also.
Check out Cobra Hosting. You won't get 1000s of international channels, but it is pretty stable. Check out IPTVHut and search Youtube and read the comments on IPTV Review videos. Plus I'm pretty sure Sapphire Secure doesn't have any locals if that's your have to have thing.