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I'm the players klub subscriber from Mauritius Island. Players klub iptvis missing on my TV. When will it be possible to get it back? Thank you.


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I just changed the url I got players klub back but only 1940 live channels and zero vod. Do I need to renew my subscription?


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OK. Thanks.

Update from Playersklub
More and more people are getting in trouble for hosting VOD so that is why it was removed. its not worth the high risk to provide it so please do not ask if it will be coming back. the answer is NO!
thank you for your support and hope TPK brings you joy! heart

yes confirmed for sure. VOD is gone forever now
if you are after VOD try some of the APKs here - https://forum.husham.com/threads/list-of-working-apks-iptv-movie-tv-shows.123/