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This is latest news and updates on the service will be posted here and will include interruptions

Current Pricing
1 Month $9 a month
3 Months $25
6 Months $47
12 Months $90

MOBUS ServiceChannelsSeries
Live10898 Multi Country Channels
VOD10096 Mostly USA/ English Latest Films6002 Mostly USA/English Series
adult200+ Randomly Selected and updated
( Part of the live Channels )

Full information how to connect to MOBUS IPTV added here Mobus IPTV Setup Guides
For any more please contact us to add any specific instruction

( Due to many users Questions - In regards to users renewal.. You do not need to wait until the last day or the day your account expired to renew
We will be adding renewal on top of your current subscribtion.. we will not be removing any date you already have
All we ask is to mention this is a new account or in this case renewal during payment or a DM message )
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To avoid game time interruptions. There will no longer be registration or renewals during game times.

We recommend always renew two days earlier to make sure you are ready.
Same goes for new accounts.

Priority of service is restricted to existing active users.

We have tested this with last PPV game and it was a success. There was simply no buffering or server issues, so the experience was perfect for active accounts.

We apologize if you think this is unfair. But we have had too many close calls with DDOS attacks, And we are avoiding any service interpretation.

Please renew or register in advance to avoid disappointments.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter. We simply had too many close calls recently

++++No exception to this rule.++++
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