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Hi Husham and everyone. Heard so much about you and it’s great to finally be apart of this forum. I’m sorta new to the whole iptv world. I am learning more and more everyday though. This issue with GM has me going crazy. I love kodi but GM was my goto. I’ve been trying to figure things out on my own but my partner at work told me this is the place and you are the man. So here I am. Thank you for all that you have been doing.
Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this forum, it has been extremely helpful to me! I'm a nurse in NJ, and I cut the cord about three years ago and increased my mbps. I was never much of a television person, but after I cut the cord, so much more was open to me, and I was hooked! Being a nurse is extremely stressful, and I use this as a way to erase images in my head that no one should ever have ingrained in their minds. When IPTV goes down, or is up for maintenance, I get a bit antsy, so I employ several venues. I have a patient, who is a young guy, and very ill. He lives alone and is shut in. I set him up with IPTV, and it's his only view of the world. While for some, IPTV is just entertainment, for others it is a vital service. Husham and this forum have been soooooo soooo helpful, thank you so much!
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Hey what's up my fellow streamers.

I've tried about 15 different IPTV services. Always looking to find find good reliable ones out there. Still a Kodi user (use more than apks)
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Hello Husham,
I have already been introduced to the satellite world
I am happy to meet you here in the IPTV world
I hope to learn / discover a few things here
I own a MAG425a android box
grts Peter
Hello I'm new and interested in knowing more about iptv services looking to learn what's out there.
Welcome. We have much information form IPTV companies and others. So look over the forum
Hi everybody! Glad to be part of the community. I'm looking for a list of IPTV services that will work with Tivimate. Is there a current list anywhere on the site?
Just about any service will work with tivimate. You need your provider to give your their xtream code or m3u url
Thanks for the reply. There are several services that will not give out m3u information or x-sttream codes. They require you to use their own proprietary program they've set up within apps like IPTV Smarters.
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