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Games Masters IPTV


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I was always using version3.1 and never had any issues . After the service went down I started using xciptv and I don’t like it as much as the gamemaster own app. Should I switch to tivimate? I need and honest opinion. Thanks


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I also need the FAQs. Channels aren't loading at all. This morning, heavy buffering. Need to make sure I've got everything configured correctly


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Did we just go back down again?? It’s going to be a long night. This has happened before in the past. It went up and down a few times..then was fine. Don’t panic yet! We’ll get thru this! 😉
And it’s back up again!


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Good morning to the human family of the planer earth. For the last three days the 24 hour channel hasn't been working. Is Gmaster doing an update?