Best new Android box?

Can't go wrong with nvidia shield or formula z11 pro max

Both will last for years and cam run anything you throw at it.
If you want a dedicated iptv box then the formula and buzz tv box will do you good
Nvidia shield hands down. But I also heard

@husham makeing new model a while back. Not sure on the spec or requirements. Would be interesting to know more about it.
True. I'm making husham 3.0
The first Husham box was aimed at IPTV box
The 2nd model was faster IPTV box

They worked very very well. But unfortunately they were not android TV operating system.

The new model is 3.0 with android tv and working with Netflix, Disney plus, Amazon prime.
But still aimed at IPTV
I'm going to try to compete with firestick nonsense.
The power of firestick with android auto and beatable prices.
I would love to see that. When is it coming.
Can't wait.
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