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Alternatives to Game Master IPTV


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That's the message I got 2 days ago. I kept checking and all of a sudden it took me to the actual signup section. You just have to keep checking back with them. Eventually an opening will happen. I personally like that they limit the number of users, as it cuts down on buffering and system problems with too many subscribers.
Yep..it was open 2 days ago taking in 19 subs. It sold out before I made up my mind....lol


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Being this is dedicated to alternatives, I will add mine. I've been using Silver TV for over a year and the live tv is great, PPV excellent. VOD is ok(i dont really care about that). They have a webplayer. And very friendly customer service via telegram.


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This is an iptv service called after shock tv they offered a 48 hour free trial, you cant go wrong . One of the guys on the team is from GM and he was one of those who were very helpful. You can join their discord for support and more information. They have a great channel listing. here is the discord invite Join the AfterShock TV Discord Server!
I checked it out for a little bit. It looks pretty nice. I'll check it out more tomorrow and report back here.


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Does anyone have an alternative iptv that has a good app for firesticks? Like watching my ufc ppvs and sports....top dog? Anyone with info how to subscribe and getting it going on the firestick would be awesome thanks!