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Hello everyone,
I have a IPTV provider that does not provide EPG for some channels. I have been able to create a XMLTV list from Zap2it. How would I go about importing this XMLTV list into Tivimate?
Any assistance is appreciated.
Thank you,
Go to Settings..EPG..EPG sources..add source. Then go to Playlists...click the playlist for your provider..Additional EPG source..and click the source you added so it becomes a 2nd EPG source for your provider.
I want to use a local epg that I created myself. I seem to be having issues with "Paste from clipboard".
You may have to just type everything in by hand then.
Go to Settings..EPG..EPG sources..add source. Type in your info for your EPG.
I have been doing that. It for whatever reason does not like my data from zap2it..I saved the XMLTV file up on one drive and then use the link provided from one drive and put into tivimate as a url link. Does not like it...
Hello everyone,
I think I may have figured out why Tivimate may not like my XMLtv file. I Think it has to do with the way the file is generated. I think the channel number before the channel name is the problem. If this is so how should I go about correcting this to generate an acceptable XMLTV File? I have included my XMLTV file as well as a professional generated one that tivimate likes. Can some tell me what the difference is.


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