This is for new users and I will be blunt, nothing personal. There is no new link! It is a service; it's not free. There are resources on the internet that will help you learn the world of IPTV. as I and many have. For me, it began with Kodi's original name; X-Box Media Center (XBMC); those were the wild west days. Today, it's easy, but there is a learning curve and it's all on the world wide web fo you to learn. Really, it's not hard. Like you, I too lose service from time to time, please be patient. Like us, you will experience slow buffer speeds on your end and through no fault of your internet provider. There is data prioritization and every night at 8 pm my local time, I have evenings my service is unwatchable. You're not alone.
Hello. Could you please DM me the current url / playlist for xstream code. Thank you very much
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