UK tivimate buffering sonbaadly


Morning all, really suffering with bad buffering every 20 seconds on premier UK sports. English premier league. Vpn reset, clear cache and data restart firestick.
Internet is fibre about 65mbps

I’ve used tivimate and also xcite. Just buffers. VPN has been set to Finland, Belgium, Iceland, US....... it’s rubbish.... same on my iPhone and iPad too
Coming from someone who has used IPTV for years, this is about the best advice you can give OP. Majority of the time, the buffering comes from the service you purchased or its your setup (device,wi-fi,range of device) but you need to experiment to get the best experience. Another thing, always have 2 services so in case one is buffering, you can go to your backup (second service). Since your new to this, it may seem like alot of work. Best of luck🤞
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