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First off, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where would be best...

A friend of a friend set up my friend's Firestick with something called "Titan Streams", I was pretty impressed when I looked at it the other day - so much so I decided to buy a Firestick myself. I'm not one who has been into this sort of stuff before now, so cannot for the life of me find what the actual streaming service he's using is, or how I can go about getting it. As I understand, it cost him something around £45 for the annual subscription. I've included a couple screenshots below, of the screen he gets and the app's logo. I do remember when you look at the app on the Firestick main screen it is just called "Titan".

When I've done google searches, including reverse image search (Google Lens), the closest thing I've found is XCIPTV Player, which I presume is made from the same product, albeit it does not look exactly the same and notably of course has a different name.

I can probably get a copy of the APK from his Firestick, but I'm not sure to what degree that would help me... if any? I am almost expecting someone to tell me this is a generic IPTV player, with an M3U link responsible for the services (and the logo image).
app logo.jpgmain menu.jpg

By extension, I would welcome any advice or recommendations for alternative services, should there be a decent one for as low a price as possible. Annual membership is fine with me.
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