Tivimate vs Smarters - No Brainer


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Now I've used Smarters for Years, and recently been using Tivimate. Now I will honestly never go back to Smarters. Tivimate is so smooth and definitely worth going Premium. The TV Guide is so much easier to use than Smarters. Anyone else use Tivimate ?
New to Tivimate and love what I see so far. Have one problem with EPG. Need help! The Android box local time is set correctly. The EPG shows a line for the correct time as well. The problem is that what I am actually watching is 1 hour ahead and shows up 1 hour into the future on the EPG line on all channels. So if it is 11 AM and the EPG shows that I should be watching a certain program I am actually watching the program beginning at 12 noon. Is there a setting somewhere to correct this?
I'm still in the trial version but so far I like it. There are a couple of things that are a little buggy but over all it's been working well with ApolloGroup TV (as for live TV).
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