The PTV app/website displays erroneous bus route and suburb information.


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A week and a half ago, I took the 708 bus from near my home in Mordialloc to Mordialloc Station to catch a connecting train to Frankston, which was approximately a 5-minute bus travel in total.

The next day, I checked my MyMyki balance and route details on the MyMyki website. It indicates I took the 848 bus route from Wheelers Hill to Mulgrave and got out at a stop. The strange thing is, despite the fact that my touch on history shows me touching on at Mordialloc station a minute later, there's no way I could've travelled from an unknown bus stop in Mulgrave to Mordialloc station in under a minute.

I assumed it was a problem with the website, but I checked the PTV portal and the PTV app, and all show the same route information.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

I'd like to point out that the tram and bus touch on/off information is quite confusing, as it does not provide the specific stop. It only provides you the time, the route (which was incorrect in my instance), and the approximate suburb you're passing through; it should also offer you the specific stop.
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its the first time I've heard of this problem!
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