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Sound problems


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Hey everyone,

I recently encountered some problems with kodi on my pc. I have a windows 10 pc connected with a dvi to a samsung tv.

I used to be able to switch from kodi to youtube on a chrome tab or play another movie on vlc and all without soundproblems.

Unfortunately my pc crashed some time ago and i had to rebuild everything. Since then i cant switch from kodi to any other soundsource without having problems. Whenever kodi is on, any other program gets ignored and wont play any sound. Only when kodi is quiet for a minute or so and i open a new vlc or chrometab then they will play music.

If any other program is playing sound when i open kodi, it crashes instantly when playing any file.

Does anyone have any idea whats causing this or how to fix this? Ps: total soundnoob so go easy on me!

Thank you in advance!


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You need to set your audio device to Directsound, if they are set to WASAPI then Kodi grabs exclusive access to the audio device preventing other apps having sound.
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