Smarters Panel To Ease the Billing Process of Your OTT Business


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If you own an IPTV business, you know how difficult it can be to manage everything manually. Luckily, there’s a solution that can make things easier for you. Smarters offers an automated Billing Panel that’s feature-rich and can handle the selling process for you. You no longer have to manually create services or subscriptions and deliver them to your users. Instead, the Smarters Panel provides a platform for your end-users to choose their desired subscription plan and buy it using the integrated payment method. Once they’ve purchased their subscription, end-users can log into the Client Area provided by Smarters Panel and receive the OTT apps in their email for logging in and playing their subscription.

If you’re using 1 stream Panel, XtreamUI Panel, Zapx Panel, or Nxt, then the Smarters Panel is the best billing management tool for you. It can handle your business’s entire billing process on its own and provides manual billing control when required. With this panel, you can handle specific billing scenarios like adding an address to customer requirements through manual billing. With Smarters Panel’s hybrid approach, you’ll have complete control over the billing processes of your business.

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Smarters Billing Solution – Xtream UI Panel | WHMCSSmarters
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