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Can someone let me no the telegram channel and what the app about I am a customer and don't recall how to contact them to even open a ticket
This is what I wrote to them:

Greetings. There seems to be an issue running the playlist through TIvimate. I triple checked all my credentials in the xtream codes and I’m receiving an error. Please advise. Thank you

This was their answer:

Due to a current DNS error you may have trouble connecting the sapphire apps, refresh dns and clear cache and retry logging back in. If this does not work try redownloading the app from the lists below:

sapphire apk list:

sapphire apk 2.1 sapphire2.1.apk - Icedrive

sapphire apk 2.2.1 SAPPHIRE SECURE(2.2.1).apk - Icedrive

sapphireSkytv SapphireSecure.apk - Icedrive

With the DNS outage it means apps like tivimate/perfectplayer/gse/ and possibly any smart apps will not function correctly until we have this resolved.

Thank you
The Sapphire team

If there is anything else you need help with please don't hesitate to contact us. If not you can hit the "Close Ticket" Button below.

Thank you,
Sapphire Support Team

I hope this helps. It worked for me. Good luck
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