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Samsung UE46F6500 on Firmware 2127. No auto install.


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Dear All,

As Samsung have trashed my Plex Client App. I thought I'd try and install Smart IPTV.
Firmware is at 2127. Model is old UE46F6500. from 2013ish.

USB stick 8gb formatted exFAT.
The Two directories ' smartiptv ' and ' userwidget' placed in USB Root.
Inserted into TV
Turn on TV
No detectable install routine.
Go into Smart Hub ...then...Samsung Apps
I see a USB Stick listed as an App.
Drill down I can see both folders above.
Smart IPTV folder contains visible icon files ' png'. Cannot see .xml, .html, or .info files.
UserWidget folder contains no files according to Samsung. No .tmg or .licence files.

I cannot start SIPTV manually and it does not auto instal.

What am I doing wrong ?

Any suggestions please ?