Restore Issue


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When I try to restore a backup it does not see the file that is in the selected folder


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What type of device do you have? I have an understanding that there can be a problem with Chromecast doing that.
Perhaps you can upload the backup file when you create it to Google cloud where you should be able to see it.


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Hello I'm hoping I can get suggestions on the following
I Have Tivimate version 4.6.1, I was running into issues with Tivimate so the 1st. thing I did was to do a backup which went well
I then uninstalled Tivimate after it was done, I then reinstalled Tivimate version 4.6.1 after it was finished I then entered my streaming providers info
when that was done I then went into restore and there is nothing there? I did check my file manager to make sure it was there and sure enough it's there
but will not show up on Tivimate Very confused just an FYI my Tivimate is installed on an Android TV streaming box I am running Android Version 11 OS
any suggestions would be great
Thank you
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