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Price of packages?​

Standard price is $9 a month
Special limited offer 5$ dollars a month with bitcoin
sent payment to bitcoin 36HsjCH5AEtEHFe4jnBsE2RYgjVGiPFfv3

Is VPN required?

As you probably know, we posted recently that the world is on fire and VPN is required for many reasons these days. This is due to Internet companies confusing IPTV streams as torrenting.

Why pay with bitcoin?​

bitcoin is the most safest and easiest transfer for IPTV these days.. Its a guarantee that your IPTV Provider will not shut down or close shop over the next couple of YEARS.

How long is the limited offer for? ( Now Expired )

This is a special offer for users in the Husham Forum. And might be extended if more and more users get to purchase the service.

Can I buy 3 or 6 months or even Annual​

Users wishing to buy more than one month is welcome. And special discount will be added as well for users purchasing more than 3. Check out the prices below

Standard prices outside the forum - 8 dollars a month ( no exceptions )

New Pricing as of today
1 Month $9 a month
3 Months $25
6 Months $47
12 Months $90

MOBUS ServiceChannelsSeries
4776 Multi Country Channels​
6687 Mostly USA/ English Latest Films​
Mostly USA/English Series 1661​
200 Randomly Selected and updated

If you wish to purchase then please sent payment to bitcoin 36HsjCH5AEtEHFe4jnBsE2RYgjVGiPFfv3
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Hi. I'm interested and looking for a new service provider can you send me a link to register or any information.
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