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Based on the quzu feedback so far, the quzu app is avaliable in most of the smart TVs
and so far I think quzu has the best interface for the price in comparcing to other IPTV Players

I have been in touch with Quzu devs and I plan to make more videos for them as they make plans to cover all smart devices step by step,.
Android TV Version has been updated. It is recommended that you upgrade.

Active version: 2.0.0

APK link: build.quzu.tv


Version Updated to QUZU 2.0.0

- RELOAD for Android TVs, update feature with 0 button has been added.
- Standard channel change keys for Android TVs were activated.
- Scrollable and easy transition feature has been added to the main screen.
- Confirmation pop-up has been removed, when you press back button during watching TV
- Reload system has been fixed.
- Reload time has been reduced to 5 seconds.
- Auto-reload system has been added, when you start the application.
- Some Focus bugs has been fixed.
- "SAVE ONLINE" option has been added, while loading Link into the application.
- The reflection time of the lists on the screen has been accelerated.
- AUTO reload system has been added, when switching uploaded lists.

Some bugs fixed and Performance has been developed.


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