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Over The Top IPTV or OTTTP Forum


Hello, This is one of my backup services I subscribe to. It has 24/7(797 channels), it focuses on UK/USA & Canada, PPV, lots of sports worldwide. 2940 channels total for $10us.
I recommend them if you aren't gonna complain about $10 per month.


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Hi all you lovely people,

Ive been a member of OTTTV for 4 years, it is a excellent service and highly recommend it.

It goes down now and again when they are up dateing or doing some work, but thats about it,

If you need any help with it drop me a line and i will help you if i can,

all the best DCFC UK


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Guys how do I go about subscribing to OTTTV? I have hit the subscribe link but it just takes me to a Nova webpage ad :-(