Not 1 CBS channels working!!!


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Trying to watch the superbowl and not 1 of the CBS local channels are working!! SMH!!!!
CBS FOLDER is missing in the Folder List....did PDSLive drop providing ALL CBS Channels? I have been with this service almost from the day they started....I am trying real hard to stay Loyal....even after they went dark for almost 6 mos, even after they dropped VOD and SERIES. I realize if I cancelled it would not impact them at all...but I would like to think they take some pride in maintaining VERY long Loyal customers.

I have been asking this Forum for suggested alternative IPTV providers that would provide the same channel Lineup as just feels like they are barely holding on and may go dark again.
As Posted above, I sent a ticket to PDSLive yesterday when I went to use the service at around 6:30pm to watch the Super Bowl to Find all CBS Channels Gone.....

PDSLive responded to the Ticket within Hours. They took down all the CBS Channels right before the Super Bowl to free up Band Width and created a Folder labeled Super Bowk 58 which I totally missed seeing. They used the freed up CBS channel Bandwidth to concentrate that bandwidth to the dedicated Super Bowl Folder/Channels. They restored all USA\CBS Local channels to the service following the end of the Super Bowl...I looked at my service and yep, CBS local are back.

It is very much worth writing again; their reply to my ticket was done within hours of sending it......
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