New Samsung TV looks, just, OK. But more disappointed in network speeds.


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More of a rant than anything really. I've been a bit of a stupid consumer lately. Assuming one 4k TV acts like others. Surely 4k is 4k right? I've been to Costco enough times to be wowed by their TV's on display. Images so clear it is like looking out of a window. So I was disappointed with my new Samsung 4K TV (the model number I don't have to hand). I immediately tried testing 4K steams and whilst the picture was alright, it wasn't looking out of a window good. I even tried (using PLEX) to play a really good quality 4k movie to test and ran into another damn issue.

Ethernet speeds. I never would of dawned on me that a new device which can stream 4k doesn't have a Gigabit port. I ran into many problems when trying to stream (as mentioned) a large 4K file. The file was like 50gb. It would barely play a few seconds before buffering and then finally error out. Trying PLEX on my Xbox One, not an issue at all.

Had a poor experience today using Steam Link app on the TV. I was streaming a game to it and it just looked like ass. It couldn't get enough data into the TV fast enough. I can't use my Xbox for this, well because, Microsoft.

So I'm here wondering, did I buy the wrong TV? Is there such a thing as a smart TV with a gigabit port? I know I can use other devices (like my Xbox) but it would have been nice to not have to.
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