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Hello I'm dealing with two issues I'm looking for help on. I have been using Tivimate for 3 months with no issues these problems are recent.
1- a few weeks ago I started having problems with buffering on live TV when my VPN is on I use Nord VPN. All channels buffer between 2 and 3 minutes into viewing and buffers for about 20 seconds and this repeats every 2 to 3 minutes. If I turn the VPN off the problem goes away. I'm currently using two IPTV services Prime tv and Bull tv the exact same issue on both. I have also tried connecting the VPN to different countries does not help the problem.
Any suggestions that can solve this so I can use my VPN? This never happened before.
If there is no solution do you have an IPTV provider recommendation that will not have this problem?
2- my second problem is less of an issue it's about updating EPG when I update it always fails and I have to repeat the update 3 or 4 times sometimes more to get the guide updated. It always updates but it's a bit of a pain having to always repeat the update a number of times to get the guide current.
Thanks very much for clarifying this and the suggestions. I will look into getting a backup VPN for now. Hopefully Nord sorts this out eventually.
I tried your suggestion of changing portal to Open VPN UDP and it seems to have resolved the issue thanks again!
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