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I am having the same problem. Keep Uninstaller and reinstalling. It will not let me unlock my premium membership. NO VPN On. I keep getting the password is incorrect YET the same password and sign on information that I use allows me to open the companion. I submitted multiple requests for FORGOT PASSWORD waiting on an email to reset. At one point during one of my attempts, frustrated as I was, I even decided to purchase a new lifetime subscription with my other email. Nope. Wouldn't all that. YET, I get notifications from Tivimate at my original email inbox. Oh, the companion app with no devices. I removed them all to try to start over. I've tried my original sign in information and setting up a new account. Do not let these screen shots fool you.


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Does your subscription to TiviMate premium show up on the Google Play Store in your account/subscriptions? Are you using your Google Play Store email and password? Your Nvidia will try to connect there to find your subscription. That’s probably why your aol email isn’t allowing it to connect to verify it and is giving you an incorrect password as a default error. If you originally purchased your TiviMate Premium subscription thru the Companion app and used an email that is not a GMail email, you will need to purchase another sub thru the Google Play Store.
The TiviMate Companion app was intended for purchases for Amazon devices that couldn’t connect to the Play Store, but it also lets you view and delete devices as well.
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