Launch Your Own OTT App and Skyrocket Your Revenue!


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Unleash the power of OTT with your own custom app! Expand globally and elevate your OTT/IPTV business to new heights. Reach a wider audience and boost your revenue by having your own app. Smarters, a leading software development company, offers tailored OTT/IPTV applications under your brand, saving you time and money. Their ready-to-use apps are delivered in just five days, enhancing your audience’s viewing experience. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to grow your business with a custom OTT/IPTV app. Take charge of the rapidly growing OTT industry and unlock unlimited potential.

Below are Some features of the Custom OTT/IPTV App by Smarters:​

  1. Multi-Screen & Multi-DNS
  2. Recording And Catch Up
  3. Parental Control & VPN Integration
  4. Picture-in-Picture & Continue Watching
  5. Ability to change the buffer size
  6. EPG
For more details, you can get in touch:

OTT Android App | WHMCSSmarters
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