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Good afternoon People!

I've been using IPTV for a while now but become a bit disappointed with my last few providers :( I know IPTV streaming services aren't 100% uptime but I have to draw the line as it has gotten ridiculous over the last few months, very nearly purchased sky sports! 😱

  • UK & US TV Channels w/ Catchup (High Framerate where possible) - Don't need any other TV channels, must incl Sky, HBO, AMC, TLC, Discovery etc
  • Sports (4K/Raw/UHD/50+FPS a must!).
    • All UK & European Football leagues (All 3pm kick offs & IFOLLOW (Optus, Peacock, Now Sports etc.))
    • F1
    • Ice Hockey
    • NBA
    • Reliable PPV for MMA & Boxing
  • EPG, M3U, 4K Channels is a must, last provider packaged 1080p channels as 4k.
  • 4K Firestick TiviMate & VPN(Express/Nord), will be getting a box at some stage (Shield).
  • Sports will be watched on my FireStick(TiviMate), AndroidPhone(Smarters) & WindowsPC(MyIPTV Player) depending on where I am.
  • 1-2 connections depending on product, 24-48 Hour Trial so I can properly test it during weekend matchday and peak evening hours for TV.
  • VOD is a bonus but not really neccessary, I have something else I'm quite happy with for Movies and TV OD, but if the product is decent then I am willing to use it.
Please pm me.

Thanks 😊

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