I was ask to login on my app PDSLIVE APP and can't


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Normally, I just click the PDS link in the choices on my Firestick and it brings up 4 boxes to load, Live, Movies, Guide and one I can' remember. No login required. Now, It goes to a box with http://mains.vip.2086, my USERNAME and PASSWORD They were all there, click next but then it gave me a choice of
to 'Select Panel type' EXTREM Codes API, EZHOMETECH API , and M3U URL. I'm clueless on what to do.
Also can an admin tell me if my password is 7 numbers or a much longer on with a mix of numbers and letters?
I have 3 written down, does the current one end with 7 or the letter a?
Can I get some help.
Never mind, after 3 days and an hour of trying different things, This afternoon I went to try again, and everything worked as normal.
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