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How to install NET IPTV on Samsung tv


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Hi Husham,

My Samsung tv is a Tizen version. And NET IPTV app is not available on the Samsung store to download.
Do you know any manual way to have this app on Samsung?

STB was a good app but from the last two days, it is not working. I don't like Smart IPTV app it is very slow and freezes much of the time.



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Net IPTV currently not compatible with all TVs specially Samsung tv only limited numbers are available on it. This is becuaee netiptv team have not made compatible version to all TVs .

Currently no manual download but I will work on it soon as they complete finish the software for all TVs.

The smart IPTV actually really fast and only speed limited I'd the source you added is not compatible m3u plus link or you added too much stress from the source.

Actually really fast here for me


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Thanks Husham,

Now about Smart IPTV, I added the same playlist which I received from my IPTV provider, and this is the same playlist I uploaded on SET IPTV trial version and it is working absolutely fine. Because my tv is Tizen version, I used Tiizen Widget to upload Smart IPTV app in my Samsung app. This is the only way to have Smart IPTV since Samsung stopped this app.

If you know the way to make it fast please do let me know.

Do you know any other app (like STB smart app) for Samsung Tizen version.

I do not know what is happened between my IPTV provider and STB smart app that my STB smart app is not uploading portal. Whereas IPTV provider is saying I should look for another app since STB smart app has some issue. STB Smart app support team says from their side things are fine.

I am just frustrated with this.

Best Regards


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Smart IPTV is a good app like I said..
If you are been given a bad M3U it will cause a crash or even slow ..
M3u is very sensitive if its bad
I can test or fix it for you if you want send it to me privately ( if that is the only issue then we are good )

SET TV is old news by the way.. I am suprised you still using that lol

Honestly I dont like ST?B smart APP .. Its buggy and slow and sometimes more expsenvie then all other apps

for stb smart app you might as well use this portal

and use this page to upload your m3u


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I never knew SET IPTV before yesterday I just downloaded it to see if the IPTV playlist is working or not. And yes it was working perfectly whereas Smart IPTV still freezes. I used Smart IPTV a lot before it was stopped by Samsung tv play store.

Now, any other IPTV app you have in your mind that is best. Please please share with me.


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If your tv allows only smart iptv to be installed or this so called set ip
you are going to be forced with that..

personally I dont touch set iptv
or stb
these days apps to use for iptv

IPTV Stream player ( but not for smart tv )
IPTV Smarters ( but not for smart tv )
Smart IPTV


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SET IPTV is very clean and sharp instant open and loaded. Only one issue I have with it, as you are an expert may be you can help me.

It ungrouped all the channels and it is hard to find your favorites. Like in my UK list there are a group of UK movies, UK KIds, UK TV, and UK Sports and all relevant channels can be shown under this category in STB. But SET IPTV ungrouped all the channels and it is so difficult fo find.

If I am forced to use only two, then probably I need some solution for grouping of the channels. Please help if you know how to do this.

Thanks Husham you are a very nice person.