How Automated IPTV Billing Solution For IPTV owners or IPTV Resellers Works


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Smarters Billing Solution for IPTV resellers is designed to automate billing operations efficiently. It allows owners and resellers to manage their users, services, orders, and billing automatically and manually. we will discuss below how the automated billing solution works.

The Smarter’s Billing Solution works for the following IPTV panels:

- 1-Stream Panel

- Xtream UI

- IPTV Dashboard

- XUI One Panel

- Zapx Panel

- Streaminy

- Super Reseller

It supports the creation, suspension, termination, and auto-renewal of services.

- You can create services automatically or manually
Once a client makes a purchase and pays for it, the system will create a service for them automatically. The owner can also create services himself and assign them to clients.

- You can suspend or unsuspend a service automatically or manually
The system can suspend the service automatically when the client fails to pay on time. and when a user makes a successful payment, their services will be unsuspended automatically. The admin can perform both actions manually from the admin area.

- You can terminate a service automatically or manually
if a customer is no longer paying and doesn’t want to continue the service, the system terminates the service automatically. The owner doesn't have to do any manual work there either. Of course, it allows the admin to terminate it from the admin area anytime in case of any problem.

- Auto-renewal service is supported:
It supports the renewal of services automatically which means the system generates the invoices x days from the due date if the customer pays the invoice then it extends the date on the Super reseller.

- The installation and configuration are easy
It’s very easy to install and configure. Just upload the files Activate the add-on modules from the admin and configure them to your products under the “module ” section.

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