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Ok first off I am a total newby, here to the forum thing and the whole IPTV thing, so please bear with me and get out your crayons to draw me pictures.

I just bought a Fire Stick, and now getting into IPTV. I subscribed to Private IPTV Access and TiviMate to run it thru. Took me a b it to figure all that out but now I have my channels up and running.

Here is my first question. On Tivi, why does the information on the channels not come thru? Aside from the network logos I get no other info such as what the show title is or any description. I gotta guess what show will be on.

2nd question I cannot sign into Tivi for their support. I put my email and password and it says my info is incorrect, which it isn't true. Then when I ask for a new password they don't send anything.

Thanks for any help offered.
Now let's talk about the channel information.
It is called EPG or otherwise known as electronic program guide

This is supplies buy your IPTV company. Not every IPTV company has it. Maybe this pirate IPTV ( epic fail name man for a company by the way ) maybe they don't have it updated or they just don't have it
Tivimate support. That's actually a whole big ball of wax.
Maybe fix the first issue and then ask for the support for tivimate. Because I tell you what. There is technically no really support from tivimate. But our guys here in the forum help more then any other support person or from companies.
Even though from my perspective I only replied with few answers, I have a feeling I confused you even further.

So take my advise. Take one step at a time and try to break the issues with one step at a time so you get to a good knowledge and we cover everything you need
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