Get Custom Android App for your OTT/IPTV Business


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Looking for a custom Android OTT application for your company? Look no further than Smarters! They specialize in developing custom OTT apps that are comprehensive and top-notch. Their expert services in creating customized OTT apps allow you to get a complete and high-quality application in no time. By availing their services, you can save money and get an app that matches your specific needs. Their skilled developers will ensure that your brand name and logo are incorporated, offering users a feature-rich app that delivers an exceptional user experience.

Within their tailor-made OTT applications, Smarters provides a diverse range of amazing features, including:​

  1. Live, Movies and Series Streaming Supported
  2. Parental Controls
  3. Master Search
  4. Resume functionality for video
  5. Player Improvements and New Controls
  6. Multi-Users & Multi-Screen Supported
  7. Airplay & Chromecast Integration for casting
  8. External EPG Sources Supported
You will receive your custom OTT app within a week. Working with Smarters, a renowned software development company, you can expect a White Label OTT App tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to reach out to us promptly to get started.
Can I sync this OTT app with a game I want to install? I want to synchronize their data together in techloky game version.
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