Get a Fully-Featured Custom OTT App for your OTT Business


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Smarters specializes in custom OTT app development, providing a seamless user experience. With 12+ years of experience and 100+ software platforms built, Smarters is a trusted software development company. Their expertise lies in designing and developing OTT products to streamline business processes and boost revenue. Smarters has developed the renowned “Smarters Player” app and can tailor OTT applications to meet specific needs, budgets, and timelines. By choosing Smarters, businesses can get a fully-featured custom OTT app with their own branding, saving both time and money.

Here are a few amazing features that will be included in your personalized OTT app.​

  1. Live, Movies, Series, And Radio Streaming
  2. Ability to change DNS anytime
  3. M3U URL And File Supported
  4. Recording And Catch Up
  5. Parental Control & VPN Integration
  6. Multi-Screen & Multi-DNS
  7. Picture-in-Picture & Continue Watching
  8. Ability To Add External Players
  9. Ability to change the buffer size
  10. Chrome Casting & Language Switching
So if you are looking for the best OTT app for your business then Smarters can help you with the best Custom OTT app for your business. You will get the app within a week.
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