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Blast from the past .. seems that Gears TV has closed down or shut down.. News just coming in from users .. I will share what I have here.
First - to alternative service for Gears TV Gears TV IPTV Alternative - IPTV
Rumours so far Geara tv owner Omar aka Omi has started a rumour that he has been Arrested to run away with money and doesn't pay for things. Unconfirmed. I confirm that gears tv has closed. Not sure for how long
OMAR or OMI is going to kill himself on youtube live.
“I’m gonna go on live….and i’m likely to kill myself. I’m gonna go on reside, categorical how I come to feel and then shoot myself on reside.”
no release date on this
“I hit a fantastic region and exploited it and they just didn’t like it. I produced a ton of money but at the identical time a lot of the revenue I created tremendous-legit,” he informed the Q&A.

“I felt that what I was executing wasn’t unlawful. Streaming is absolutely legal, it is just the way they are making an attempt to phrase it, it is a little different. But streaming is not unlawful. It was in no way dwell tv, it was often delayed tv and there is no guidelines against it. There is no guidelines in opposition to it.

“This is Napster 2.. This wasn’t killing any person. If everything I saved hundreds of thousands of individuals (with) cheaper cable. IPTV is not illegal in the US. It isn’t. It is not. It’s unlawful in other nations around the world but it is not illegal in the US.

“The (Copyright Act) has absolutely nothing to do with streaming and when they seize all those servers and they understand there’s almost nothing staying stored on these servers, you have almost nothing on me. Streaming is not unlawful. I saw a window, I saw an chance, I exploited the fuck out of it. That is all it is.”
I remember the days he was on your live show and then he created drama and turned against everyone....wish you would bring that live show back too...those were the good old day!
I'm bringing the live shows back. But it is for members only
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