Games Masters IPTV

Hi there. Anyone have a working epg url for Gamemaster? (I'm up and running, but no tv guide. I do know how to add a url and make it default.) THANK YOU in advance!!!
Help me please with correct data to play the service on android mobile and tivimate and LG TV SIPTV. I'm on gmaster panel
Hey all, I've been searching the internet for information on GM being down, if someone could send me the latest server info that would be great
Please can you dm me the new server link and instructions on how to get my gamemasters back up.

Hi All,

I have tried using the new gmaster server and also tried replacing with the easyinternet one that I was emailed. Also scanned through the entire last forum for yesterday and tried what others have said. No luck. Have tried using both tivimate and xciptv app. Can someone help me figure out what I might be doing wrong?
Can someone DM me the new Info I switched to topdog during the $15 quarterly promo been using tivimate but none of the current urls work
Can you send me a DM please with the info? I never received an email from them. It is greatly appreciated.
not many channels working on the service right now hope there working on it
could someone dm me a copy of the email about changing servers
Can someone dm me the instructions please. I Know this question probably been ask many times. But ya I don’t have access to the discord anymore and gmaster panel is not loading . All I know is I see everybody posting about a new URL . And I’m told vod and series are gone. Can you someone help me out ?
Hi. ...yesterday I received a email with a new URL to worked ok on most apps not this morning could not log in ...was it changed again please DM any replies

thank you
Hi. I had XCIPTV and Smarters pro working on games master panel and top dog this morning. Now I cannot log in. Has the url changed again and if so can someone DM me please? Thank you in advance.
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