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GameMaster (WTF)


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My gm was wirking fine through tivimate and suddenly it logged me out the xtream code was reachforthesky(dot)network and now it does not take it do you know if it changed again?


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OK ....
Over the last couple of months I have had several issues with this service!
So have several other people I can tell from reading the issues on this board.

The URL info has changed several times over the last couple of months including the time when it disappeared and only by getting on this site did I find out there was new URL Login in information!

Over the last few weeks the EPG has been an issue for me being down.

So today I opened another ticket with them and now there is yet another URL to use.

Old one still works but no EPG info on it.

New info I got is working but I am not sure for how long?

Anyone else having this same issue.

PS I have been using this service for over 4 years with hardly any issues at all until now! ($5)
Can I please have the new url? Thanks!


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My audio is lagging behind the video. I opened a ticket nut received the automated response that support can no longer look into individual accounts and to look it up myself! Any suggestions on a fix? I'm using Nexus v1. Thanks