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IPTV billing Panel is the automated billing solution for OTT / IPTV Providers or owners.

It will reduce admin work & manage subscriptions, services, & billing automatically, and allows you to distribute your IPTV services around the world.

Smarters IPTV Billing Panel is specifically designed for OTT Providers or businesses that want to automate the entire subscription and billing management process. It will be connected to your Reseller Panel and perform automation tasks.

Automation tasks:

1. Automatic Account Creation -
When a user purchases a service and pays an invoice, it will automatically create a user account in your panel. You don't need to add your users/customers manually.

2. Automatic Subscription Renewal - If the user pays the unpaid/due invoice, It will automatically renew the subscription again.

3. Account Termination- This will automatically terminate the user account if the user is not paying the invoice and does not want to continue with the services.

It keeps you in touch with your customers with timely automated emails. It will send notifications to your customers via email when any action is initiated. Like:

"Welcome Email" on Sign up Email

"Subscription Info"
on buying the subscription

"Invoice Configuration" On Invoice(Bill) Creation

"Customer Invoice" On Paying the bill it will send the Invoice Copy to the customers.

"Order Confirmation" which contains the buying items and billing information about the subscription

"Suspended Notification" on suspension of subscription due to non-payment

"Unsuspension Notification" on unsuspension of subscription once the invoice is paid.

"Invoice Reminder" sends unpaid invoice reminders to remind customers that they have an unpaid invoice to their account.

It provides excellent billing management flexibility without missing a single payment and helps to boost your OTT / IPTV business significantly.

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